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  • Regional Association of Realtors

    Regional Association of Realtors in Lublin (RSPON Lublin) was established in September 1997 throughout the province of Lublin.
    Members of the Association actively participate in specialized training courses, workshops, seminars and professional meetings and any other projects on the local real estate market.

    In order to accelerate and improve the quality of service to our customers we have created the most modern system of Exchange Offers, which constitutes a shared database system associated offices. Thanks to him we have definitely a broader base of reputable real estate brokers.

    Just a visit to one of the participants in our exchange system Offers to realize their plans for the rotation property.

    Contact: 20-029Lublin; ul. M.C. Skłodowskiej 3, room 3.06 Floor 3

    tel.: +48 81 532 67 60, + 48 501 000 454 @ Ask about

  • Malopolska Association of Realtors

    Malopolska Association of Realtors was founded in 1993. Belongs to him, 180 nieruchomistów the region of Malopolska. The association organizes training, increase the skills of its members.

    Contact: 31-024Kraków; St. Mark 31

    tel.: (+ 48-12) 431 05 41 Fax: (+ 48-12) 422 46 90 @ Ask about

  • Świętokrzyskie Association of Realtors

    Świętokrzyskie Association of Realtors was founded on March 21, 1997 year. Currently brings together 19 dealers. An ordinary member of the Association may be any natural person conducting business activity in the field of real estate brokerage in accordance with the requirements of the law, and the rules of professional ethics, which obtains the recommendation of the Chairman of the Committee on Ethics, and 3 members of the Association. The aim of the association is mainly to raise professional qualifications intermediaries, ensuring an appropriate level of ethical and professional services rendered and working out the principles of cooperation between intermediaries to improve and accelerate the execution of recipients. Certainly brokers gathered in the Association represent the real estate market the highest level of performance.

    Contact: 25-019Kielce; Sienkiewicz 9

    tel.: 0 41 344 63 63 Fax: 0 41 344 63 63 @ Ask about

  • Association of Realtors Pomerania and Kujawy

    Association of Realtors Pomerania and Kujawy (SPONPK) is one of the country's first professional body. Resulting from the merger of two associations working in the same field of interest. He is a founding member of the Polish Real Estate Federation. Members SPONPK actively participate through the PREF in the works for the professional environment. SPON Pomerania and Kujawy is an organization open to the professional environment and takes into its ranks all those who meet the necessary legal criteria and are interested in social activities. We organiztorem training courses and practices.

    Contact: 85-104Bydgoszcz; Ul. Batory 2

    tel.: +48 52 3210975 Fax: +48 52 3210975 @ Ask about

  • Pomorskie Association of Realtors

    Pomorskie Association of Realtors is the oldest professional organization for real estate agents in Poland, which brings together and supports the most active real estate brokers in the region. SPPON to 20 years of experience in real estate, and more than 200 affiliated brokers in the industry with the Tri-City and the surrounding area. The main objectives of the Association should strengthen the image of the agent as a member of a separate professional group of professional monitoring compliance with the standards and principles of professional ethics, strengthen the cooperation between the members of the Association, the integration of environmental agents, as well as the constant improvement of their qualifications. When planning a transaction on the real estate market, definitely worth checking out the real estate broker, to whom we entrust our interests, is a member of SPPON. We have the guarantee of quality, fair policy and professional advice that forecasts for the client effective and fruitful cooperation based on experience in the industry and market knowledge.
    We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer training and other attractive opportunities offered by membership in SPPON.

    Contact: ul. Polish Army 13 lok 206; 81-383 Gdynia
    tel. 58 661 79 37; +48 501 614 120

    Contact: ul. Polish Army 13 lok 206 81-383 Gdynia

    tel.: 58 661 79 37 @ Ask about

  • Lower Silesia Association of Realtors and Property Managers

    Lower Silesia Association of Realtors and Property Managers - DOSPON is the largest professional organization focusing licensed brokers, property managers and valuers in the regions of Lower Silesia and Opole. DOSPON belongs to the Polish Real Estate Federation -, the European Council of Real Estate Professionals - CEPI based in Brussels and many other prestigious organizations of persons conducting professional activities in the field of real estate management. The main objective of our Association is the education and integration of people who work in these occupations. In addition, the Association conducts specialized courses, so that young students of the competition a real estate agent and property managers can obtain professional licenses PREF.

    With belonging to DOSPON involves a lot of benefits, including but not limited "package portal".
    Details on the website.


    Contact: 53-674Wrocław; ul. Legnicka 46-46A, III p., Lok. 16

    tel.: +48 71 344 04 09 @ Ask about

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