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The thermo-modernization - where and how to apply it. Who can get the bonus

Execution of thermo-building brings real savings on the costs of its use. Prevents heat loss in winter, summer protects against the heat. Up to 16 percent. investment costs can cover the so-called. thermal modernization bonus. Who, what and under what conditions can get it?
  • Termomodernizacja home

    In the context of thermo can, among others, insulate exterior walls and ceilings of the house, replace or renovate exterior woodwork.

    Termo Organika

Actual amount of funding to thermo will depend on the size of the investment, as well as the cost of the loan taken for its implementation

How much money can you get?

Let's start with the fact that premium thermo-modernization could try to take only those investors who plan to cover the investment costs of the loan. If you intend to use her own means, for the refund can not count.

As always and everywhere so try to look like the cheapest loan, you do not, it turned out that the money paid for the bonus will cover only a small part of bank fees and interest. Because the payment is done in the form of a transfer from bank to bank, and is intended to cover part of the loan. The final amount is the result of several factors, including the amount of loan and investment value. It amounts to 20% of the loan amount used for the project, but not more than

  • 16% of the incurred for the project
  • twice the expected annual energy cost savings determined on the basis of positively verified energy audit.

?? For whom the thermal modernization bonus?

The thermo-modernization of the National Economy Bank can apply to both individuals and legal persons (with the exception of budgetary units and local government budgetary establishments), if they are owners or managers of real estate, which may be funded.
?? Bonus please thermomodernization: ??

  • residential (including houses)
  • collective accommodation buildings (eg. Nursing homes, boarding houses, dormitories and boarding schools, dormitories, orphanages and other similar facilities),
  • ?? public buildings owned by the local government and used by them to perform public duties,
  • local heating networks ,
  • ?? local heat .

can be so bonus try both the owner of a single family home or an entrepreneur conducting business as an individual as well as community housing, housing association, company, and the local government unit.

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What the thermal modernization bonus?

if happily we are in the group of entities that can apply for a bonus and so wonderfully composed, and so that we planned to take credit for it, let's see what kind of projects can thus subsidize. A list of guidelines is quite closely specified. They thought the thermo-modernization include improvement to reduce the annual demand for energy supplied for heating buildings and water of at least about

  • 10% - in buildings, which modernizes the only heating system;
  • ?? 15% - in buildings, which after 1984. Heating system was modernized
  • 25% - in other buildings.

?? For a bonus, you can also count for improvements, decreasing by at least 25% of annual losses of primary energy in local heating networks and supply local heat sources (boiler, heat nodes, residential heating plants, heat exchangers group). This applies, however, only situations in which the buildings, which is supplied with the energy network, meet the requirements in terms of energy savings, according to the building. The premium may also be granted if the buildings do not meet those conditions at the time, but have already taken steps to reduce the consumption of energy supplied to them.

Another type of action, which you can get a premium thermo-modernization, this perform a technical connection to a centralized heat source in connection with the liquidation of the local heat source. But beware: it must go through the reduction of costs of obtaining heat delivered to buildings by at least 20% per year.
The last example of the premium thermo-modernization project is the total or partial conversion of energy sources with renewable or the application of high-efficiency cogeneration.

Where and how to apply for a premium thermo-modernization?

Do you want to apply for a bonus? You must have an energy audit
Presentation of an energy audit is a prerequisite for receiving the thermo-modernization. You have to do it at the beginning of the road, because it must be attached to the application for the premium thermo-modernization, and this shall be submitted with the loan application to the bank.

bonus we handle the bank with a loan . Select bank and we make a credit application, attaching to it immediately request a premium thermo-modernization and the results of an energy audit. The Bank, in accordance with its internal procedures assesses the credit worthiness of the applicant establishes security for the loan and consider the application at the same time sending the documentation to BGK. In this case, the loan is executed subject to the granting of thermo-modernization bonus.
That's not all. When submitting the application, the investor declares that the loan is not intended to finance the work, which was already obtained funds from the European Union budget. The next statement is such that on the same project uncommitted another loan, which was granted a premium thermo-modernization or repair.

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Author : Joanna Turakiewicz