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Smart house: what best to spend the money that lived more comfortably

In some cases, during the construction and furnishing a new home, the more it is worth to spend money than others. Why? Because apart from nice to look at the interior, we gain much more: comfort, saving time, space or energy. Sometimes all at once. While improving the value of the house.

Some of facilitating the life of the investment you need to plan and implement, and often at the level of construction, the other can wait to the stage finish. Often associated with higher investment, which, however, usually pays for itself. Because the more expensive appliances and installations improve the comfort of home use, but generally can boast greater reliability and service life.

for security and peace

Home is a sanctuary, but only if it actually gives you a sense of security, even during spędzanym beyond. Alarm system with several types of sensors, monitoring, high-security doors and exterior windows significantly increase not only the feeling, but the same safety. It is worth to invest additionally in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide, in particular, that this is not a big expense. Security also favors the use of roller shutters, which in addition to the windows, can be mounted on the door, which is useful during long trips. Electrically operated blinds integrate further with an alarm system and other elements of the smart home. This investment plan worth before finishing the interior, to run around in the windows power.
Not exactly is safe for high wall surrounding the house by neighbors who do not have a chance to see sional locks robber.

For comfort: warm and clean without great effort

Since heat, let's start with heating. The most convenient would be heating of the network, but it is not always possible to connect to it. Regardless of the choice of the type of fuel, it is good to choose a boiler with a minimum level of service. In the case of solid fuels, a large feeder will significantly reduce the frequency of refueling. Instead, every day - once every few months. It is true that the difference? For this advanced controller, which you can give commands from the smartphone. Properly programmed, turn off or reduce to a minimum the heating at night and in the absence of household members and podkręci them in the morning and shortly before returning home from work. Pop under the covers or returning from pluchy autumn and winter turmoil's warm welcome pleasant.

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Another issue over which it is worth considering prior to the step of finishing the interior, the power windows. They give a lot of comfort. They can be programmed for airing in the morning, for example. Just before turning on the oven, or during our absence. They can loosen the too high level of moisture in the air. Control via the remote control also much easier, for example. If you want a little ventilate the bathroom during the bath. You do not have to scramble outside the bath, soaking the floor and freezing. When considering such an idea, be sure to bringing power around the windows. If it's too late, let's look at models powered Solarnia. And when the time for such an expense we can not afford, you can choose the models, which can later buy a conversion kit for electric control.

comfortable house is a house, where it is easy to keep clean. During the construction phase should think about the central vacuum cleaner. It is much more expensive than others? Since the average marketowych for sure, but from those a little bit higher it's not really, and the service life is up to ten times higher (an average of 25-30 years at a price within the limits of 2500-5000 zł). Other advantages? Here you are: the availability of home in a few places that makes you do not need to lug your vacuum the floors and look for him in the closet, no noise, because the motor hidden in a utility room in the apartment is inaudible. All pollen are thrown outside the apartment - this effect will not give us probably no "ordinary" vacuum cleaner. Make life easier option is to also scoop automatic, which allows an easy way to get rid of such. Crumbs from the kitchen floor.

If the installation of a central vacuum cleaner is too late, you think about wireless vacuum cleaners, including one increasingly popular solution vacuum cleaner that vacuums alone. You turn on the vacuum cleaner, go out, come back after an hour, and there poodkurzane. In the wake of a vacuum cleaner, you can let go of the mop and come back when the floor is already cleaned. Minor drawback is that the corners of the robot enters and not from time to time and so you will have to intervene personally.
Another option is a vacuum cleaner With wireless mop the floor can only vacuumed or washed only (effectively, and this same water), but properly securing snap, arrange it all in one fell swoop. Floor washing and not only useful too evaporator. A washing windows with electric washer, it's more pleasure than effort. Worth thinking.

Notes worth is also light: motion detectors in areas over which generally just passing by, in addition to the often busy with his hands, like a corridor or hallway. On the other hand, in the bedroom or living room, you might want to install way switches - one at the entrance and the other one by the bed or favorite chair, in case you can switch on or off the light without changing a comfortable position, let alone running across the room.

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For savings and ecology

Renewable energy sources on the one hand are popular, on the other - met with skepticism. Well, I like the ladies, is it at all worth it? In our climate? Well worth it and returns (not necessarily after many decades). Solar collectors, photovoltaic cells combined with appropriate capacity battery can provide quite a lot of energy from spring to autumn. And how very useful during power outages, it is best to know those who have them and saved more than once due to the contents of the freezer.

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bit to repeat, because talking about savings, not to mention the energy-efficient windows and exterior blinds, significantly reduce heat loss, especially through the roof. Blinds will be useful also in the summer, when the heat penetrates all the cracks - stop it until 92% on the outside.
For savings contributes also the setting of the heating system. We can save a lot on the water. The simplest thing - aerator. Trifle mounted on the spout of batteries helps to save up to 60% water. It is also provided with a bathroom in a thermostatic faucets, so that we will not waste many gallons of water to set the appropriate temperature. This is particularly useful in a house where there are children, protecting them from the heat.
Ecology and economy are entering a stage for when choosing household appliances: energy efficient refrigerator-freezers with a handy organizerami, broad shelves on the door, chambers 0st.C accommodate more, help maintain order, while consuming significantly less energy than older sisters. For the dishwasher and washing machine with short programs - also useful.

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Increase the value of your home

Gone are the days when the family introduced to the house with the intention of "life." Today, more often change the place of residence. Building a house should immediately think about in the future be able to sell it as the most preferred. A home's value significantly increase: alarm installation and monitoring, air conditioning and central vacuum, as well as installations that obtain their energy from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic cells. and here we have a house in which to live comfortably, safely, inexpensively, and which in addition sell for a good price.

Author : Krzysztof Pietras
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Top professional to install the system Smart Home, for example. good set-up and the house will handle the weight of peevish things.
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