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Bath or shower - what is better, facts and myths

planning a renovation or your bathroom must solve the problem - if the stand is in the shower or bath, however. It seems that the tide popularity leans in the direction of the shower, but supporters of the baths also have their arguments - especially the succor come to them their manufacture.
  • Difficult choice in the bathroom - shower or bath?

    Contrary to appearances, easier to clean than a large bathtub glass door shower enclosure.

Taking a shower is not the same as a full bath. Medium-sized bathtub is filled with about 150-170 liters of water, of course, if at the time of bathing is not pouring the next batch of hot water (and who does not?). The shower, which takes about 5 minutes to about 70 liters of water. Assuming that it takes one shower (one bath) per day, saving on water speak strongly for the shower. In one and in the second case, you can try to save water - for example, using temperature limiters and flow of water in the shower or closing the throttle during shampooing up to no water was coming for free. Reality deceive, however, can not be - if someone wants to fill the bath, and so pour her 150-170 liters. I think, and this solution meets more often - wanna be stocked in the "curtain" or glass door attached to the wall, which if necessary will make bath "shower."

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Clean the bathtub and cabin

It is believed that a large bathtub harder to keep clean. They say that those who do not have to clean the glass shower enclosure, which after a few washes "gains" stains with soap and shampoo. Doczyszczona shower looks attractive, especially if the bathroom is well lit, but it needs a lot of love and frequent washing - that to to be effective requires the entrance to the center. Baths - although you have to crouch, cleans up easier and faster. Those who do not want the bathroom to spend more time than necessary so tend to wannom.

Child Safety

Some stress that the shower is more convenient and safer for children, especially if it is equipped with a seat where a toddler can sit still. In the bath while the child can easily slip and you find yourself under water. It should, however, take into account that both the shower and bath baby should be all the time under the care of a parent who should not have it drained from the eye. Manufacturers baths meet the concerns of parents and, increasingly, supply them in the rough bottom, which makes it easier to maintain balance and provides greater security. For many parents of the baby bath is also an opportunity to have fun and education, and floating toys better present themselves swimming in the bathtub than lying in the paddling pool. Additionally shower restrain the movements of a parent, Bath allows more flexibility in this regard.

Comfort seniors

Older people usually prefer larger showers, fitted with a seat or allow to insert them into the cabin. Normally they have many handles and shelves are that make it possible to bring within reach of all the necessary toiletries. It is also easier to enter the cabin and get out of it what seniors have difficulty, for example, mobility facilitates daily functioning. Cabs are also equipped with Shower heads under which senior can take a bath while maintaining the freedom and having both hands free. Add to this the savings on water as it seems the cabin will be the best variant of equipment the bathroom, if you frequently use it will be the elderly. On the market one can find bathtub, once popular in small Polish bathrooms located in kawalerkach located in the old towers. The bathrooms in them were so small that forced the installation of bathtubs profiled so as to be able to sit upright in them. This can be beneficial for seniors who prefer to soak in the tub, but hard for them to go in and out of the ordinary bath.

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Similar solutions can be applied also people who have a small bathroom, but not "see it as" the shower. There are not only the tub, "position", but also those with asymmetrical sides and slants, making them easy to install and use on a small area.

life and susceptibility to damage

shower easier to damage than a bath. This is very important for those who offer their apartments for rent. Bathroom renovation is a major expense that can even crossed the profits from the annual rental properties. No wonder that experienced landlord - if technical conditions permit - always invest in durable bath. These easy to keep clean and difficult to devastate what can not be said about the plastic shower trays and glass door multiple shower cubicles.

bath screen
Assembly of the screen nawannowego gives the opportunity to take a quick shower early in the day and a relaxing bath in the evening. Fig. Radaway

Author : Slawomir Bobbe