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Style gardens: how to arrange

People very busy should not dream of a stylish garden, because it requires careful maintenance. However, you can enter part of the characteristic favorite style elements to give it a distinctive atmosphere.
  • Backyard Garden

    rebate should be planted in tiers, and the flowers should bloom at different times - to discount glad eye the whole year.

    Paul Stauffer
  • garden in Mediterranean style

    Catherine Laszczak
  • Garden in the English style

    Garden in the English style should create an impression of nature.

    suesun (
  • garden in the Japanese style

    skeeze (
  • Garden-style country

    to fit the garden rural plants such as catnip, viburnum reef, rose wrinkled, sedum and periwinkle.

    Magdalena Kmita-Kulesza

Garden Mediterranean

Who after his return from Italy would like to move a little bit of the Mediterranean climate to their surroundings, let us first think about the small architecture yellowish large stone slabs on the terrace and the border rebate with a clear stone will create a framework for planting specific to those sites. You can easily survive the lavender and yucca. style will emphasize more plants planted on the terrace in the characteristic rust-colored clay pots and stone poidełka for birds. - Some plants that recreate the climate of the Mediterranean, can be planted in pots - advises Dorothy Skorecka, landscape architect of Prószków. - These include agave and palm trees that you need to survive the winter in the house.

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French garden

It is not easy to maintain and expensive, because it requires particularly careful design, which is based on symmetry and perfection plantings. Discounts on either side of the path must not only have the same dimensions , but also identical to plant, to form relative to one another mirror image. If the flower beds are framed by strips of plants, they must be the same. And if we plan to be framed with boxwood hedges, it must be cut in the same shape. - However, you can use precision of French gardens, only on a portion of their own piece of land - proposes Dorothy Skorecka. - I design, for example, only identical discounts on both sides of the path when descending from the terrace.

Japanese Garden

garden in the Japanese style is more and more supporters. It must be very carefully designed, because the fullness of its beauty also depends largely on how many years it is grown. - You can, however, confine themselves to the use of several characteristic elements of this style - admits Dorothy Skorecka. Japanese garden is devoid of flowers . Add color to him only (during flowering), azaleas and plants with a characteristic habit in shades of green, purple and brown. In true Japanese garden can not do without water. If someone has the ability to carry through the garden stream, and it is big enough that you can walk it, then the water is necessary to pass the bridge. The stylized garden Japanese stream can pretend the path with gravel .

Country Garden

The garden in the style of a country says also: romantic, homely, naturally. - Who inherited the parcel old rowan tree or shrub lilac, let him with the help of a gardener, will incorporate a new arrangement of the home environment. Audiophiles believe that rural gardens have to speak to our feelings, connect with the memories of childhood .

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- Childhood memories should recall the plants planted by our grandmothers: hollyhocks, delphiniums, fragrant phlox - says Jerzy Sobczak. Meanwhile, more and more rural garden is a lawn, a few conifers, and in the middle drabiniasty cart and a pair of old pots. Garden-style country due to the large accumulation of the plant can not be created as long as because all will be chaotic . Regardless of the discount, plantings should be done in tiers. At the final plan will be high shrubs, flowers then high, then low, and finally flowers perennials surrounding bed of flowers. Contrary to appearances, rural garden is laborious. The impression that the plants grow in the wild, obtain and carefully trimming individual copies and getting rid of przekwitniętych specimens.

How to choose plants for the garden

  • Mediterranean style : lavender, mullein silky, cleansing wawrzynolistny, giant holly, sage, thyme, Pyrus salicifolia, Buddleja davidii, wajgele, bougainvilleas...
  • English style : mantle, kołotocznik wierzbolistny, tulips, azaleas, sedum proved, Heuchera, coreopsis, trytoma, iris, Siberian irises, decorative garlic
  • Japanese style : Japanese azaleas, miłorzęby, Japanese maples and palm, pine and juniper formed, mosses, lichens, ferns? Peonies
  • style country : viburnum, mountain ash, no, hollyhocks, delphiniums, yarrow, dahlias, dahlias, asters, Marcinki, rudbekie, marigolds, nasturtiums, carnations, peonies, lilies, columbines, Lavatera, loosestrife, phlox.

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Author : Anita Koszałkowska
Cooperation: Lina Szejner
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