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Eucalyptus - medicinal properties

Eucalyptus is associated with a koala bear and candy eucalyptus. Meanwhile, the trees and shrubs have healing properties. We present them.
  • The leaves of eucalyptus

    The leaves of eucalyptus are a delicacy for koala bear.

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  • eucalyptus

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  • Flower eucalyptus

    Flower eucalyptus.

  • eucalyptus tree

    eucalyptus tree sometimes reaches 100 meters in height.

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  • eucalyptus

    Trees and shrubs form the eucalyptus forests or evergreen shrubs.

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  • eucalyptus tree

    eucalyptus tree is one of the most powerful trees.

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Hailing from a family mirtowatych Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree or shrub. In Australia, where it comes from, grow trees and eucalyptus scrub, also evergreen. Some have even 100 meters in height. Most of the eucalyptus trees shed their bark every year.

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Eucalyptus oil on health

Both the bark and eucalyptus leaves contain tannin. These, however, work antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. Eucalyptus leaves are the main food of koala bear. They have glands that secrete essential oils. On the basis of eucalyptus oil produced candy or eucalyptus oils for inhalation use, among others, When tease sick bay, we have a stuffy nose and hard to breathe. Because they cleanse the upper respiratory tract. Relief in breathing brings wrap with heated eucalyptus oil, located in the chest.

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Eucalyptus vs. cold

For fever, sore throat and body ache recommends preparations of eucalyptus oil in the composition, for example infusions, tinctures and extracts. Similarly, at the beginning of strep throat and bronchitis. Who has the cough, this can also help eucalyptus. This is because an expectorant. Rheumatic pains, tendons, joints, muscles and migraine should be less noticeable if we look at measures of eucalyptus in the composition.

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smoother skin through eucalyptus

For chronic wounds in which the bacteria had a fight, dandruff, lichen and other skin infections should also help. Places bites or insect bites can be greased or sprayed with the eucalyptus in the composition. Anti-wrinkle creams sometimes also tend to have an extract of eucalyptus. Few people know that the eucalyptus is used for the production of environmentally friendly cleaning products for kitchen and bathroom.

hallucinogenic properties of eucalyptus

However, one should be careful not to overdose of drugs produced on the basis of eucalyptus. It displays the hallucinogenic properties. It can also cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Author : Slawomir Bobbe