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Greater celandine - medicinal properties

blooming yellow greater celandine has the orange juice, which lubricates the warts. Not only is the use of celandine is known. We write about other properties of this plant.
  • Greater celandine

    Greater celandine blooms for almost half a year, from spring until autumn.

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Celandine is usually measuring about half a meter herb. Blooms even half a year, from April to September, spending a small yellow flowers.

Legends of glistniku

- Celandine is called swallow herb, though swallow he has little in common, although legend has it, the herb is restored sight swallows, which gouged out the eyes - says Jarosław Mikietyński, the gardener of the Botanical Garden of the University of Bydgoszcz.

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Another legend is that celandine began to flourish when the swallows would arrive and stop, as they flew to the warm countries. - It is, however, herb, and some herbs, including celandine, are sometimes considered weeds. However, these are weeds usually having medicinal properties.

Orange Juice

Gardener continues: - Celandine contains stem milky juice orange with a rather malodorous. The juice is composed of, among others, alkaloids, vitamin C, carotene. When squeezing the juice, it can be lubricated warts and warts. Juice causes that they become soft. With regular rubbing warts juice of celandine, after about 2 weeks, it should disappear or at least greatly reduced.

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Wraps with dove weed

In other dermatological diseases celandine is also recommended, if only for eczema, lichen, onychomycosis, festering wounds and cuts. Our grandmothers applied wraps dove weed to places where felt calf cramps. For menstrual pain celandine also helps. Allergy sufferers can use extracts of celandine, because the bactericidal activity. When getting to cold, celandine come to help, because it will soften the cough. Antipyretic celandine has reportedly used the ancient Greeks. Who suffers from gastritis, have liver problems or other gastrointestinal symptoms, this can also retrieve the glistnikiem.

Too much of a good thing

You have to use celandine in moderation. If we use it in excess or too often, eg. On the skin, we can get a rash. Pimples will not disappear, and still they come.

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Author : Slawomir Bobbe