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Hardening of garden plants for the winter - what it is

We advise you how to increase the resistance of plants and garden patio to drastic temperature differences.
  • Winter in the garden

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The hardening plant is said to be mostly in the spring when the seedlings, which have so far stood in pots on the windowsill at home or growing in the greenhouse, should issue already on the court. Meanwhile, the hardening before the winter is also important. This is especially important now, when one day a two- or three-stage frost, and the next day the thermometer may indicate 10 degrees Celsius in the black.

Hardening of plants before winter

- Garden plants should be tempered, because they can better endure the winter, and at the same time better prepare for the spring - emphasizes Jarosław Mikietyński, the gardener of the Botanical Garden of the University of Bydgoszcz.

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Tempering is to cause the plant to reduce the amount of water and increase the content of proteins and sugars, which will help to survive freezing and cold. - The low frost resistance have even ambrowce or paleczniki Chinese - continues Mikietyński. - Each plant has a different hardiness, however, and can not be assumed that at a given temperature drop already a plant can not handle in the garden, or vice versa, that the frost does not hurt.

Waiting for the covering of

Gardener gives an example: - If the outside temperature overnight or two nights is minus 2 or minus 3 degrees, and the day is in the black, you do not need immediately incase plants Agrowłóknina or straw. Let's wait until it gets colder.

Average daily temperature

important in the case of flowers, perennials or shrubs garden is the average daily temperature. When the night is minus 4 degrees of frost, and the day is plus 2 degrees, the average is minus 1. Plants such averaged temperature should not even hurt. One should cope with the cold. In this way, they increase their resilience. In the case when the average daily temperature is expected to reach minus 5 degrees, the plants must be secured, such as covering them. Agrowłóknina mentioned. The different plants have different sensitivities, so not all have to cover the same time.

Contrary to appearances, when the snow falls, the plants will be warmer than when it is cold, but no snow. Snow is because the plant feather-blanket that protects the direct action of frost.

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Author : Slawomir Bobbe