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camphor oil, and camphor ointment - medicinal properties, the use of

camphor is one of the most impressive trees in the world. It impresses not only with its looks. Camphor also has healing properties, which we write.
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    camphor, cinnamon or camphor, very stately tree.

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camphor tree (otherwise: camphor tree, camphor) comes from China and Japan. Measures sometimes even 30 meters tall and has a dozen meters wide. In our conditions, but usually it is equal to about 3 meters, thus also suitable for cultivation in pots. This evergreen tree, long-lived. It is estimated that it can live up to a thousand years. Its medicinal properties are often underestimated, and damage.

The healing properties of camphor

warming ointment camphor and camphor oil owe thanks to this tree. It's natural painkillers. Rubbed into the skin, soothe the pain associated with colds, neuralgia and muscle pain. In rheumatic pain also bring relief. When we have difficulty breathing, or the beginnings of bronchitis or the flu, it is the camphor ointment rubbed his chest. In frostbites and itching camphor also brings relief. It helps to get rid of herpes and other skin eruptions. People with sores can also enjoy the benefits of ointment camphor and camphor oil.

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Camphor has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. Also regulates blood pressure. Years ago, even they used the vapor of camphor in the treatment of people suffering from hysterical states and depression.

Camphor in Hinduism

Some experts esoteric claimed that people insane camphor also works and helps get rid of the evil spirit from the body and soul . Perhaps it has to do with Hinduism, in which camphor has become a symbol of the deity of the moon, that is, Chandra, and evil revealed to be more or less, depending on the phases of the moon. Hindu ceremony worshiping fire camphor, considering him a saint. Years ago elected quacks recommending to hold the front door with a bag pudełeczkiem camphor ointment inside. This is because that - as argued - evil does not exceed the threshold of the house. With the older trees came camphor, this was supposedly more potent.

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Ointment and camphor oil should be used with caution and only for external use. Excess specyfiku can result in inflammation of the skin or rash.

Another application of camphor

Few people know that camphor is a component of gunpowder and explosives. In this wood produced furniture. Camphor smell repels moths, it is also insecticide. It happens that camphor is a component of desserts or sweets or roasted meats. Based on it produces sometimes perfumes and deodorants.

Author : Slawomir Bobbe