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Flowers in the bathroom: what plants are best and how to take care

Daily toilet in the lush green surroundings is a pleasure. You can experience it while in the bathroom create the right conditions for plants to grow.
  • Flowers in the bathroom

    If you as a bright bathroom, it is quite a nice variety of plants: ivy, lipka room, cyprus, dieffenbachia and dracena of leaves in bright or dark bars.

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  • Fern in the bathroom

    Fern easily find herself in the bathroom, even in this with higher humidity. Remember that plants who like warm, moist areas will usually grow nicely in the bathroom.

  • Bathroom with floral decoration

    In the dark the bathroom when they do not want to grow any of the plants, artificial flowers can be applied.

  • Flower in the bathroom


planning cultivation of flowers in the bathroom is worth to think about it at the design stage and finishing facilities. Plants should not disturb us, they should not be in the vicinity of chemicals. In addition, the list may not be exposed to water.

Some of the plants perfect "feel" in the bathroom

One such most popular flowers is a fern. Often attempts to breed in peace fail. Why? The plant is in need of warm and humid air, and such conditions are maintained precisely in the bathroom. After the bath, there prevails a climate similar to the greenhouse - perfect for exotic plants.

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Typically, plants need light, and in most bathrooms in blocks with no windows, or are small and covered. For those with small windows to choose plants that grow in partial shade or shade. It is they who will be there beautifully presented. You can also use the trick with more mirrors. Mirror panels reflect and transmit light from a window into the interior, and to illuminate the room.

As for a room without windows, it is more complicated. Check is there artificial plants, however, the true lovers of the green is not enough. You can then mount specifically designed for wet areas artificial lighting. Thus we create the conditions for plants that are not too high requirements for lighting.

The most popular plants cieniolubnych include Selaginella, Tradescantia, ivy. For small bathrooms is best to choose adiantum, Tradescantia, creeping fig tree or a small variety of ferns. More space and need: azalea, anthurium, fatsja, zamiokulkas, Spathiphyllum.

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To our plants in the bathroom not had

Plants will be healthy look, if after long baths or cleaning wywietrzymy room, because detergents adversely affect the development of flowers.
The most important information, however, is that plants in the bathroom should be kept for no longer than a month. After this period, they should be subjected to recovery, and in their place will let the second set of potted beauty.

Author : redakcja.regiodom
Cooperation: Barbara Golian
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Flowers in the bathroom is my dream. I'll try to get advice from the author. udclr
aga34 01.08.2012, 18:27
... in my bathroom without windows great feeling dwupędowy orchid...
inez 02.08.2012, 17:52
interesting when you flourish
babajaga 02.08.2012, 17:56