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Silent night... is valid also in the New Year's Eve

Fun New Year's Eve has its own laws, but even on this special day of the year is not worth it to exaggerate the excesses - they can end wlepieniem mandate by the city guard or the police.
  • Even in the New Year's Eve should respect the peace of neighbors

    Fireworks should go only in the hands of adult users.

    Dariusz Bloch

cannonade of firecrackers carries over Polish cities from the end of the Christmas holidays. Not everyone realizes that detonating the pyrotechnics commits an offense. In some municipalities shooting is allowed only in the New Year's Eve and New Year, others extend this time to a few days, while others recommend at all to postpone pyrotechnics aside, noting m. In. demands for animal lovers who argue that New Year's Eve arrows They drove deep stress their children. Anyway permission to use pyrotechnics on certain days does not mean that the provisions on respecting curfew shall be suspended.

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- The law does not specify any specific days on which the provisions of the curfew does not apply, they are used all the time. Of course, New Year's Eve and New Year is a unique moment in which we all want to play - notes st. Asp. Lidia Kowalska Press Team Regional Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz. - Fun, however, can not exceed certain standards. The police receive many signals of disturbing the peace in New Year's Eve and the call of the inhabitants intervene. Approach, however, underestimate the New Year's Eve, people have a right to have fun and if it does not exceed good taste, simply instructs zabawowiczów and please respect the peace of neighbors. Sometimes, however, and so that after visiting the venue and being we have to go back to the same address. Then the disturbing silence of the night may end up with a mandate or referral to court - reserves Lidia Kowalska.

- Local regulations determine when you can use pyrotechnics. In Bydgoszcz consent for this is 30, 31 December and 1 January. Who uses them beyond that date, commits an offense - informs st. Asp. Lidia Kowalska.

But the problem is that often pyrotechnics odpalają minors (although the sale of these products is prohibited), and the same offense takes just seconds. Summoned to the place of the municipal police or the police very often you find one already in place. Prosecution of using firecrackers outside the deadlines so reminiscent of the proverbial battle with the windmills.

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Author : Slawomir Bobbe