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The cost of major repairs apartment - how to estimate?

Replacement of windows, floors, walls honing, change the tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, replacement of valves and similar works are for us the cost of two-in-one. That's because we pay and for the materials, and for services. We look at the rates.
  • apartment renovation

    apartment renovation costs us and a lot of money, and nerves, too.


Real life. The window dimension 565 mm (width) by 535 mm (height) costs 140 złotych.Niby little, because the window is not large in size. Price, now with the installation of 190 zlotys. When this happens the dismantling of the old, you will have the same new window to pay about 250 zlotys. Who dream of a window in a custom color, for example. White window from the inside, and the wood from the outside, will have to pay an extra 30 dollars. If someone decides to window from both sides in wood color, will pay an extra 55 dollars.

Now, a larger window. It will be useful even to the terrace. Such even wide, 1465 mm tall and 2195 mm on, in the standard version costs 780 dollars. When you want to order a window assembly, we will spend an average of 980 gold. It's the same, but plus removal will cost us some 1,200 zlotys. Dopłaci for color, or about 170 zlotys (white inside, wood outside), or 310 zlotys (wood on both sides).

windows to replace

Some companies offer free installation of windows. Except that then usually the same windows are about 10-15 percent more expensive. Dismantling of old windows is sometimes free when their owner give them free company producing the window. It is still useful. Some plants have a fixed price list, for example, will take 50 gold for the installation of windows (plus the same amount for dismantling). In most experts agree, however, rates, suggesting the dimensions of the windows. They can take more, eg. 20 gold, when it turns out that the assembly will be difficult.

floor as the new

The new floor also will make our wallet will be lighter. For the same visual inspection before the repair you have to give 30-40 zlotys (sometimes the service is free, depending on the value of the service later). For estimate may take up to a thousand dollars. Forging or breaking the old floor time, costs nothing, and sometimes this can we reach a dozen zlotys per square meter. There are professionals who will liquidate the old floor for 100 gold, regardless of the size of the property.

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Preparation of the substrate is not free. Laying vapor barrier is an average of 12 zlotys per square meter. Primer also needs to be: mostly 20-30 zlotys per meter. The rate applies to traditional primer or cement. Position of the self-leveling costs from 10 to 30 zł per meter. For dry screed you need to give 30-40 zlotys per square meter.

laying flooring costs about 12-38 zlotys per square meter. When it comes painting, you have added a few pounds per square meter. Laying mosaics costs an average of 18 gold, but if it is varnished, it may be as much again. For the position of the panels will pay from 14 to 30 zlotys per square meter. When we decide to ceramic tile, ladies from 55 to more than 120 zlotys per square meter. If you are stone tiles, prices range from 80 to over 200 dollars. For the laying of carpets we give a minimum of 10 zlotys per square meter. In the case of flexible floor coverings you must have typically twice as much. The average rate for sanding floors is 20 dollars. This applies to dust-free sanding. If there is oiling, we pay as much again.

The walls also need to renew. Location strokes plaster (already with the material) costs from 30 to 40 zlotys per square meter. If you buy the material on their own, the same position will pay usually 12-14 gold less. Who dreamed the ceiling, will spend on it about 90 zlotys per square meter (price already with the material).

Walls and ceilings require a major overhaul

washing walls and ceilings in the cheapest version is the cost of 2 gold per meter, and the most expensive - 10. When you need to scrape the wall, per pay 2 gold least, and at most 12. Repainting walls primer will cost from 2 to 6 zł for meter. Prices so. proper painting walls start at 4 zł per meter. The rate applies to double painting with emulsion paint.

Breaking old wallpaper costs from 5 to 7 zł per meter. Papering over again that the cost of starting from PLN 12 per meter. The rate is doubled if the client wants to have papered ceilings.

Other repair services

Painting doors (no longer with the material) starts at $ 55 per meter. If you are skilled in the art will provide the paint, will take a minimum of 40 zlotys per square meter renovated doors. Heaters also can redecorate. The rate starts at PLN 10 per rib.

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Who wants a new toilet bowl, will pay for the installation itself about 90 zlotys. In the case of the sink will be an average of 60 gold. For the installation of bathtubs, already with battery, we will give about 160 zlotys. When we'll give the person skilled in mounting tray, the shower and the shower battery, we will spend a minimum of 220 dollars.

Author : Catherine Piojda
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