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We agree in to a Polish coal to pay more

buying coal for sunbathing homes Poles look at the origin of coal. They are also willing to pay more for raw materials resulting from Polish mines.
  • Polish coal

According to data from the Katowice branch of the Industrial Development Agency (ARP) in the first three quarters of 2016 years to the Polish attracted nearly 6 million tons of coal from abroad. Meanwhile, the Poles not quite that matter the origin of coal, it still are willing to pay more for raw materials resulting from Polish mines - this is the conclusion from the study site

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According to the IDA, coal is imported to the Polish mainly from Russia (3.6 million tons of steam coal) and Australia (1.1 million tonnes of coking coal). According to forecasts total coal imports into Polish for the year 2016 reaches a size similar to that of 2015, when we imported 8.3 million tons of coal.

Origin of coal is important

A survey conducted in November and December 2016 year by the that 2/3 of surveyed points out that coal from Polish mines, or is imported.

Origin of coal

Polish coal at a price

Respondents in large part would be willing to pay more for Polish coal. Indicated that 45 per cent. all persons who participated in the study. 36 percent. respondents would not want to pay extra for Polish coal, while one in five said that there is in this case the sentence.

Would you pay more for Polish coal

Of the respondents who answered that the origin of coal is important, as many as 66 per cent. It declared that it is ready to pay more for raw materials resulting from Polish mines than for coal overseas. In the group studied by 22 percent. people would not want to pay extra for Polish coal, and the sentence was not 12 percent. respondents.

Origin and the price of coal

Those who have declared their willingness to pay higher prices for Polish coal, would be willing to pay for it up to 10 percent. higher price than coal from abroad. Less than 1/3 of the respondents declared its readiness to aid in the amount of 11-25 per cent., While more than 25 percent. Prices would be prepared to pay extra 6 percent. subjects.

How much more zapłaciłbyś for Polish coal

Among the solid fuels, coal is still the most popular

The same study shows that coal is still the most popular fuel in the Polish households. A total of 52 per cent. respondents who in the past year have made the demand for fuel in, sought ekogroszku or coal in traditional form. For comparison - eco wood pellet was wanted by 22 percent. respondents.

The data come from a survey conducted by in November and December 2016 was among those who in the last year were interested in buying fuel.

Author : redakcja.regiodom
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but baloney !!!!! Now I know how to do,, market research. "Everyone looks at the price and not the origin/or just tested support for politicians ????/
blacksmith, 12/27/2016 19:55
Where it is the duty on Russian coal. Import should be that which is not in Poland. Meanwhile, as wonderful as a new Silk Road. Production of socks is the technology that we do not need and can produce import from China.
unknown 27.12.2016, 22:09