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Apartment for Young 800 million in 2016

In the first weeks of 2017 years will grow numerous applications to BGK for funding under the MdM, because you will be able to apply for the money spent on subsidies in 2017.
  • They move subsidies from the blending of Young for 2,017 years

    since July 2016. The buyer homes have not made many applications for funding under the House for the Young at in December alone.


According to figures published by the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), that people interested in mortgage loans subsidized under the House for the Young (MdM) submitted in December 2016. Requests for subsidies totaling 37 million zł.

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From August to November the amount of applications for payments ranged from 15-25 million zł per month, which was caused by the limited availability of funds. Willing to subsidize can only use the money allocated for the year 2018. This significantly narrowed a choice of real estate, especially for people buying apartments in the secondary market.

2016 record for MdM

In 2016, the BGK hit MdM requests for payments totaling 796.2 million zł - results from published data. It is about 4 percent. more than a year earlier and more than double than in 2014 (the first year of the program). This result, however, thanks to the first quarter, when used 414.5 mln zł and it was the best quarter in the history of Housing for Young. In the third and fourth quarter of the popularity of the program it was much smaller because it ran out of funds for 2016 and 2017 years. In the period from July to September, the borrower requested a 72.3 million zł, and from October to December - 78.4 million zł.

The amount of the subsidy (applications) within the program MdM in individual quarters

record year in MdM

hot start to the year in the apartment for the Young

Everything will change in the first weeks of January. Then again, you can use the pool for 2,017 years (to take over 350 million zł), but all indications are that the volunteers will be so many that the pool is exhausted in a month or two. In March last year, the amount claimed exceeded 200 million zł, and I expect that in January, the result will be even higher.

After the exhaustion of funds for 2017. Buyer will have available only the money for 2018. And more half of them, because according to the rules of the program, before 1 January of the year can be used only half the money. The Act on the last year of activity MdM (after 2018. It will be dimmed) entered 762 million zł, ie 1 January 2018. Can be used 381 million zł, of which 138 million have already been blocked. This means that in the second half of this year, the program will be dead, and potential bidders for funding will have to wait for the beginning of 2018 years.

New price limits in Pomorskie

turn of the year is also a change in the price limits for homes purchased in MdM in Gdansk and the region. Newest limit is in the city by 2.6 percent. higher than the previous one and is 5,229.40 zł for the primary market and 4278.60 zł for the secondary market. In the neighboring municipalities of Gdansk increase was 0.5 percent. (To 4742.93 zł for new housing and 3880.58 zł for the secondary market), and the rest of the Pomeranian province we recorded a decrease of 2 percent. (4256.45 zł on the primary and the secondary 3,482.55 zł).

limits the price Housewarming for the Young for the province. Pomeranian on I-II quarter of 2017.

price limits in the province. Pomorskie

price limits are of great importance, oponieważ determine a maximum limit, which bought the apartment may not exceed. They are calculated every six months based on the replacement value of indicators published by the provincial governors, for the province. Pomeranian publication takes place at the beginning of January and the beginning of July, the rest of the country it is the turn of March and April and September and October.

Eager to funding and the right to obtain it can apply for credit in one of the 14 banks that have decided to sign an agreement with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. These include PKO BP, Pekao SA, Getin Noble Bank, Millennium Bank, Deutsche Bank and the Polish Bank Zachodni WBK.

Author : Marcin Krasoń, Home Broker