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How to make cotton balls, or climatic interior lighting

romantic glow in the bedroom, or maybe pastel corner, lighting tulle pompons in the nursery? Whatever you do not choose, check to personally perform popular cotton balls, which will change each arrangement.
  • Cotton balls lights

    Nina Romanek
  • Cotton balls lights - the first step

    Nina Romanek
  • Cotton balls lights - the second step

    Nina Romanek
  • Cotton balls lights - the third step

    Nina Romanek
  • Completed cotton balls lights

    Nina Romanek
  • Cotton balls

    Garland with cotton balls can be made in any color or multiple colors.

    MariaGodfrida (

color, decorating a room glowing balls, captured our hearts long ago, a fashion not does not outgrown. No wonder, because their versatility makes it impossible to imagine the interior, which would not fit. Just choose the right colors to interior has become fashionable, but also warm and cozy character. On the market there are several companies offering cotton ball lights, but not everyone can afford to buy them because of a problem with the availability or simply... the price, especially if you would like to decorate with garlands of not just one room.

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autumn and winter evenings stretch into infinity, so a good way to use the time to look into the topic DIY, or do it yourself - do it yourself. Here, it is worth noting all the incredulous in their own abilities, that the execution of this climate of lighting is really simple and does not require any manual skills. A great idea is to make luminous garlands together the whole family or friends, because not only can do it much faster, but also to strengthen the way the bonds.

What do we need to make cotton balls lights

Before we to make cotton balls, to make sure that we do not lack any of the necessary accessories:

  • chain of LEDs (10 LEDs) - the easiest of any, during the Christmas, but many stores Home equipment, like the Ikea has them in permanent, full-year sales, the minimum cost is 10 zł.
  • adhesive wallpaper, approx. 6 zł.
  • balloons - best are those tiny, because the easiest way to get one desired by us, compact shape. Rates vary depending on the amount of packaging, ranging from 3 zł.
  • cording/Embroidery floss/bandage - the first one is quite expensive, the cheapest costs in the range 7 zł and lasts for 2-3 balls, depending on the density chosen by us. Mouline is inexpensive, approx. 1 zł and sufficient for 1 ball. It also has a much larger selection of colors, which extends it to operate in that comparison. The bandage is also very common and probably speaks for the low price, but it requires more work in dyeing. Mulina twist and also look more elegant due to their openwork pattern.
  • pump - small balloons extremely difficult to inflate, so if you do not want to dos

Cotton balls - products
Such products are required to perform the cotton balls. Fig. Nina Romanek

How to make cotton balls - step by step

Before we start working, you should secure the oilcloth table, newspapers or garbage bag. Then, in a small bowl must be stirred a bit of glue, so that the cording or mulina could it gently dip.

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Now just slightly inflated balloons wrapped in different directions from the wet glue thread, until visually satisfying us. Let us remember not to leave too large gaps through which light could fall, but in the event of such a problem and we have our ways. When the balloon is ready, we attach it to the thread and hang on the laundry dryer, leaving 24 hours. Alternatively, to set up, it in glasses like a soft-boiled egg.

Drying cotton balls
Yes, you can dry the cotton balls. Fig. Nina Romanek

From experience we do not recommend the use of brocade thread, because it does not dry up too well and are too soft, exposing at the ball quick destruction. If you dream of a glossy finish, still wet balls, you can sprinkle a pinch of glitter. Remember the podłożeniu something under the dryer, because excess glue will be flowed until completely dry. 24 hours later, after making sure that the cotton balls dried up, grasp the tip of the balloon, and then pierce it with a needle, so to pull its residue through one of the slits. Then, in the same hole they put LED light. If it turned out that the hole is too large and the light falls, save the light chain, sewn on it subtly, once a sphere.

Ready cotton balls
Cotton balls made independently enjoy the most:) Fig. Nina Romanek

Bravo! DIY counted. We have our personal, handmade cotton balls for less than 25 dollars. Value? Priceless!

Author : Nina Romanek