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How to design a functional kitchen

Want a comfortable kitchen? See how to customize the kitchen area to the natural mode of operation through functional layout of the zones sequentially performed.
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    Jacek Trembecki/Fittings Group

When designing the kitchen should take account primarily of a series of processing of food products. It consists of activities such as sorting, washing, peeling, cutting, preparing and finally cooking.

Adjustment of the kitchen to the next steps and combining them in a coherent sequence of work guarantees us a convenient meal preparation, and by the way to the minimum limit formed during the cooking mess. In a well-rozplanowanej kitchen space we will eliminate the need for these products move from place to place. Appropriate deployment positions, in conjunction with equipment adapted to the needs of the household, the kitchen will make that a practical and friendly place. Where to start planning space?

Zone One: stocks

The first point of the kitchen during the working zone is stocks. In theory, it includes: fridge, freezer, cupboards for food and pantry. In practice, usually limited to the cooling equipment. Due to the basic function - storage of food, the area should be as close to the entrance. In order to allow for rapid unpacking purchases after bringing them. With the isolation of stocks from the window and radiator, a potential source of moisture and high temperatures, gain confidence that dry foods, such as pasta and other grain products do not lose their properties.

Zone Two: Storage

Another area is the space serving storage of kitchen accessories, dishes, plates and cutlery. To maintain the necessary order and make it easier to find the items needed, it is equipped with a capacious drawers have built-racks segregującymi type of cargo. Retractable baskets suited especially for the most commonly used gear. The storage area should also have a wide countertop, which will help us segregation pull-out from the refrigerator of food. The standard depth of the worktop is approx. 60 cm. But it is worth considering buying a model with a slightly larger work area. A seemingly small change can dramatically increase the comfort of the performance of kitchen tasks.

Zone Three: washing

washing zone is called the "kitchen command center." It is the main point of deciding on the level of hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen. Properly selected sink and kitchen faucet must facilitate washing of fruits and vegetables and to enable comfortable cleaning of workstations.

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- key to select the sink factor is the presence of the dishwasher. If we have such equipment, simply single chamber model sink. Otherwise, it will be useful two chambers - explains Aneta Field of the expert group fittings. It should also pay attention to the additional features available in the market sinks - a built-in cutting board and colander for vegetables, which can be useful for the frequent preparing meals at home.

It is also appropriate fit fittings. - In the kitchen interior will test models equipped with pull-out spout. This type of batteries allow to reach hard to reach places. With the change in the intensity of the stream, quickly fill our deep container or bucket - explains the expert. - We should also check whether our chosen model of battery is equipped with an aerator. Thanks to limit the amount consumed water - adds. Spout battery if it is not pulled, should be high enough to be able to insert it into the vessel, or even a high pot.

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zone washing is also the place where the most common place to put a trash and cleaning agents. But if among the household there are small children, you might want to consider are needed for closed or placed out of their reach cabinets, so that the youngest did not have access to dangerous specifics.

Zone Four: Preparing meals

area to prepare food, because of the number required for this process is in the kitchen accessories during most operating points. Top width must be, therefore, not less than 90 cm. It is also necessary to organize the space for storing pots, knives, cutting boards and electronic equipment, such as a mixer or blender. Bulky equipment najpraktyczniej hide the roomy drawers. In this way, we provide easy access to even the heaviest objects with unusual shapes. In the area of ​​food preparation should also put the bare spices. In order not to lose their properties, but it is necessary for them to economise darkened, protected from moisture shelf.

Zone Five: cooking

for the last position of the food preparation consists of both hob, oven, microwave, and a space that can accommodate sheets, pans and casserole dishes. Due to the inherently related to cooking steam and high temperature, it is also necessary to mount the hood, which eliminate their negative impact on the furniture in the vicinity of the oven. The hood will guard us against the propagation of odors, which is especially important in open kitchens and kitchenettes.

- If your kitchen is large enough, it is possible to install a kitchen island, the organization zones can take place in a slightly different way - explains Aneta Field. - In one operation we arranged the area of ​​inventory, storage and cooking. In a separate segment we locate but the kitchen sink with battery and counter used for the preparation of food products. Note, however, that this type of system requires a different connection of the water system, which may involve additional costs - adds.

Ergonomics working triangle

There is a simple rule that defines the minimum distance between the three key points in the kitchen - refrigerator, sink and stove. They will improve working practices and ensure optimal space to move.

Triangle work

functionality at

Another useful way to organize the kitchen space is the horizontal division of zones. It assumes segregation accessories and equipment according to the frequency of their use. Everyday objects - cups, plates, cutlery and food products, should be placed in lockers located at the height of our line of sight, not lower than the first drawer under the counter. The lower cabinets will serve us instead to hold large pots, plates or dry food with a long shelf life (sugar, flour, rice, pasta). The last area, located 170 cm above the place where the hide rarely used accessories, elegant glass or festive tableware.

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