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Humidifiers - characteristics, models, use

wet towels or pot filled with water hung on the radiator - a humidifier to the apartment is in the past. Increasingly, air humidifiers are decorative device ionization of air and a built-in lamp, which changes color.
  • Humidifier

    Simply opening the windows did not make the air in our four walls again be crisp and moist. With the help of humidifiers come.

  • humidifier for children's rooms

    humidifier for a child's room - like a small tenant.

  • air humidification in a flat

    przedobrzą humidifiers or not, that will not cause the indoor air is too moist, which could promote the growth of fungi on the walls.

  • Traditional humidifier

    version of the traditional humidifier - containers, which are filled with water on the radiator suspend.

    Golden Times

Dry air in homes is the bane mainly in autumn and winter, or during the heating season. Air humidity in the room is then decreased by more than half. Consequence? Bloodshot eyes, scaly skin, with additional symptoms of allergic not to mention.

The mere opening of the window or putting the flower pot not make the air in our four walls again be crisp and moist. With come moisturizers, so that air will again have a humidity level of 40-55 percent. Przedobrzą device or not, or will not cause the air indoors will be too wet, which would promote the growth of fungi on walls.

Criteria purchase a humidifier

buying a humidifier, belong consider yardage housing and the amount of space (can be 2.40 meters or more than 3, which makes a difference), the number of windows in the room and sunlight, and the device - its additional functions (for example automatic switching and off), the frequency of filter replacement and cleaning, as well as energy consumption.

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There are three basic types of humidifiers. It is assumed that each is effective when standing in a room area of ​​approximately 40 square meters.

steaming humidifiers (evaporative)

This second name - hard - but the operation and maintenance of the humidifier is easy. They operate on the principle of evaporation. They absorb air, forwarding them immediately by a cup of water. This then evaporated. Hydrated water is distributed on the outside. It's the cheapest models of humidifiers. Except that it does not moisturize the air too much, and this often loud work. The exceptions are steam humidifiers having called. night program. Then the machine quieter.

Humidifiers (thermal)

Steam air humidifier is similar to steaming. It is said of him that is a humidifier hygienic because water boils, and thus eliminates bacteria and germs. A device with a heater boils water, which then evaporates. The difference is that such humidifiers draw more current than evaporates.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Here, steam is generated using ultrasound. Ultrasound break water molecules in the device and throw mist into the room. The mist, however, considerable drops, rather than mist, as spray. Most ultrasonic humidifier has often hygrometer to measure humidity. If this is the appropriate level, the unit automatically turns off. If the humidity does not meet the performance, the humidifier itself turn on. Its another advantage is that it works quietly.

humidifier to your child's room

Dry air much more can be felt children than adults. That's why you should invest in such a device for a child's room. Here useful electronic humidifier - ionizer. The built-in ionizer reduces pollen and dust from the air, and positive electrostatic charge. Steam is generated by high-frequency vibration. You can not hear, how it works, what parents will appreciate the toddler. This humidifier is easy to use. Indicates lamp, if the water level is too low or he is then off. Usually has a built-in digital display and a remote control. Some models have a program control moisture. They are colorful, may, for example. Have housing in the form of characters from animated films. They can also be equipped with lights changing colors.

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Place on the humidifier

You can put it anywhere in the room or another room, as long as not near the bookcase, linen, wytapetowanych walls, paneling, windows and radiators.

Author : Catherine Piojda