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The effect of the concrete wall - how to get

Concrete was once a symbol of the unfinished work, and today has become a desirable accent wnętrzarskim. Concrete fits perfectly in the founding of several styles and to his credit, respectively arranged inside the concrete, can captivate with their simplicity.
  • Ceramic tiles imitating concrete slabs

    Shades of gray concrete is unabated trend in interior design. To get the effect of the concrete wall, you can use the tiles imitating concrete slabs. This design is a minimalist and modern interiors.

  • The effect of concrete on the wall

    interesting look imitating concrete slabs with visible places of their installation on the wall.

    manbob86 (
  • industrial style in the living room

    plates of architectural concrete can be smooth, pitted or blasted.

    Morgan &Möller
  • concrete wall in interior kitchen

    ferarcosn (
  • Concrete wall in the bedroom

  • Concrete wall in the living room


Both the concrete and giving effect betonopodobny products are quite popular in modern interiors arrangements. Great emphasize the minimalist style, but above all create a climate and incredibly original interiors industrial. The market offers many products and techniques by which a concrete wall perfectly reflects our assumptions.

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concrete concrete to uneven

Plaster - low-budget, but unfortunately also time-consuming idea. Warta thoughts, for those who enjoy self-improvement and rapid effect for small money. To achieve the effect of concrete slabs, an interesting solution would be to pull the mortar previously impregnated OSB. Such prepared elements (format błyt concrete) assemble on the wall.

Paint concrete - also an inexpensive way to self-realization. It is applied like any other paint, but the end result mimics the plaster. It should be remembered, however, for a previous impregnation and varnishing the finished wall. The good news - we need only one layer of the product.

Concrete - require professional installation, which increases their overall price, but do not themselves belong to the most expensive. Prices start from around 100 zł. The disc has a very high mechanical strength, and impregnated and varnished great pass an exam in areas exposed to moisture and dirt, as the bathroom or kitchen.

Gypsum - walls made of plasterboard require the use of a lighter material than the heavy concrete slabs. In that case, those made of plaster. Due to the much smaller mass, these need to take extra precautions as reinforcements and additional specialized adhesives.

tiles imitating concrete - a slightly softer version of the plates, well-proven, not only in kitchens and bathrooms, but also places that we just decorate concrete, eg. A fragment of a wall in the living room or hall. Also, the price adequate to the size of the drops. Installation does not require any special skills in addition to knowledge of tiling tiling. The market offers a wide range of decorative concrete tiles, which makes them less stringent with a more sophisticated appearance.

decorative plaster - is very popular because of the possibility of natural color pigments and thanks to the many possibilities of the final result, depending on the application technique of the product. Therefore, we can get a matte wall as the raw concrete with hearing, or matte, smooth or with a satin sheen.

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Concrete waxed - requires a professional imposition and grinding. This material is suited to where the wall is exposed to moisture. Excellent tightness and the possibility to choose different colors makes it often is used as a finishing material worktops, and even sinks.

Wall as concrete - an easy and very impressive way to effect concrete wall is using wallpapers from selected our theme. Because the 3D images are printed in high quality and harmony with light, form an image deceptively like a real place.

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As you can see, ideas for the creation of decorative, concrete wall at home, is really a lot. All of them look great, and their only difference is the use of parameters and recommendations with which prior arrangements need to get to know to plan a perfect interior imperfect.

Author : Nina Romanek
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just use mikrobeton.
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