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How to paint the structural and the effects can be achieved

Structural paints perfectly conceal irregularities wall. They are generally stable and resistant to abrasion or mechanical damage. Viewing the advantages and disadvantages of paint-like three-dimensional structural.
  • Paint structural

    The paint covers the structural inequality wall and has an original appearance. This type of paint allows decorating the walls with color, giving them an extraordinary designs.

    Benjamin Moore
  • Paint structural

    structural paint may look like shadows on the wall. Pattern on the wall depends on the application technique - it may be a fake slits, dots, lumps or spiral reliefs.

  • Paint structural

    Paint is a deliberate structural mish-mash on the wall. It can contrast decorate part of the apartment (ie. The selected wall).

    Benjamin Moore
  • Paint structural

    structural paint is cheaper than textured plaster.

  • Paint structural

    Paint structural looks elegant in any room.

  • Paint structural

    Paint structural fits especially for modern interiors.

  • Paint structural

    Paint structural constitutes in itself a decoration on the wall. Textured plaster - in the same way.


Structural paints easily applied to virtually any surface. They can be plastered and plastered walls, plasterboard (the so-called. Regipsy), concrete or previously painted walls without scraping the old paint film. The wall surface does not have to be perfectly smooth. Structural paint masks because of its imperfections. Application of paint is structured similar to the application of structural plaster. So that the paint is much cheaper than plaster. For example, 8-pound package plaster structural costs about 180 gold, and the same position of the one layer is the average expenditure of 70 zł per square meter, while the 5-liter structural paint costs 75 dollars and you can use it yourself paint the walls.

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Preparation of the wall with paint structural

Before painting you do not need so complement defects in the wall or the smoothing. It is sufficient to wipe the dust and grease preparation degreasing. Instead, the formulation may be liquid dishwashing detergent. In this way, cleaned the wall should treat primer. Structural paint can be immediately ready for use, or it needs to be mixed. Instruction is given by the manufacturer on the packaging of paint.

Painting of structural paint brush not only

When painting should not brush dipped in a bucket only need to pour some paint into the pot (ie. The trough), and from him to take the paint on the brush. Instead, you can use a brush or spatula or roller. When painting, be sure to regularly mixing the reconstituted paint, otherwise particles of sand or other grains will fall quickly to the bottom and applying the paint will not produce the desired decorative effect.

Surface Coating structural
Structural paints is a combination of acrylic paint with a special grain. Its imposition requires relevant experience in execution. Structural paints are often spectacular number of good professional. Fig.: Arsanit

First smoothly, then the inequality

Not immediately creates inequality. There are two methods: first put paint structured the same way as the traditional (ie, vertical stripes), or immediately irregular movements of the shaft, even diagonally or like flourishes. You have to be careful, because if we gain too much paint on the brush, particles contained in the ink will flow across the surface, forming clumps on the bottom of the wall, while the upper part will look at this like it was painted by a simple paint.

structural paint before it dries, using a variety of tools you can do on the so-called. przecierki, refraction, called lambs, irregular lines or even patterns. The latter is achieved by the special templates designed for structural paints. When the surface gets tough, which is usually after 3-6 hours, apply a second coat and allow the same to dry. The yield of such paints include. 3 square meters per liter (while normal performance of paint even mkw./litr). When structural paint dries, you can still paint the clear protective lacquer matte or - to highlight the effect - gloss. The latter option will cause the lighting of the wall will be sparkled by inequalities paint.

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Cons paints Structural

The disadvantages of paints Structural include mainly the price. It happens that the structural paint is 10 times more expensive than usual. Some users also claim that it is difficult to remove the paint from the wall. It is normally a solid grinding. It's hard to also clean the walls, such as a sponge or cloth hook the about the uneven surface. This surface, sometimes even having sharp edges, can also scratch or hurt.

Author : Slawomir Bobbe