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Wallpapers: fashionable colors and patterns. How to choose wallpaper for the interior style

Silver roses in the bedroom glamor, tiny flowers or antiqued boards in the living room Shabby Chic gray argyle and stripes in an apartment decorated in a modern style. For each style can find the appropriate wallpaper. You just need to know what to look for...
  • wallpapers inside
  • Modern wallpaper
  • Wallpaper flowers dominates the interior
  • Wallpaper with delicate pattern
  • Wallpapers in pastels
  • wallpaper as a decorative interior

wallpaper inside the full variety of functions. For some it will be an excellent coverage of the walls, which themselves are far from perfect. Will cover and mask the slightly uneven, spare filling and sanding smooth. For those who are looking at the walls delicate pattern and color, it becomes a perfect backdrop for furniture and more vibrant decoration. While others will want to see in her a strong and even leading interior decorative accent. I also will not be disappointed. Because modern wallpaper can all this.

Wall, 3D wallpaper and a more ordinary...

Fashion wallpapers does not go away. It's hard to say that was the middle of the mainstream, but at least on its outskirts. Certainly not in the niche. So much has changed, that same design long gone beyond idyllic widoczki, though, and those missing. However, the forest, the sea, meadows, atmospheric streets and sunsets joined entirely different, sometimes even abstract motifs: concrete slabs, dirty wall with graffiti unfinished, a number of mirror images that can be found on fototapetach. Unlimited option give orders wallpapers individually designed pattern. A lot of inspiration: in their photographic archives, photos resources of banks.

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Stronger impact and expressive effect in the interior gives also apply trendy wallpaper 3D, which of these traditional different kind of printing. As a result, the image gives the impression of three-dimensionality. Effects can be two: the image looks like it came out of the wall or the like in its headwaters. The latter solution is recommended for small rooms, which thus can visually enlarge a little. This space does not add, but mood can change dramatically. Keep in mind that the wallpaper 3D gives so much powerful effect that it should be a large dose of caution, comparing it with other decorations.

Traditional wallpaper is not lagging behind in terms of richness of color and design. And, as far as photographic motifs are reserved rather more modern interior, the standard products are designed in whole collections for interiors in specific styles.

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Wallpapers to any style

paper, vinyl, bamboo and others. Wallpaper vary considerably resistance to moisture, the possibility of washing the surface with water or gentle cleaning agents. We find offers manufacturers of bathroom collections, kitchen - more resistant and durable, often with motifs determining their destiny. Many collections, more neutral, will fit both the living room and the bedroom or hallway. Here rules the style. Black in a big silver patterns, purples, shades of pearl or gold is extremely fashionable in recent years, intimate style glamor. Expressive patterns, tinted colors, or on the contrary - but unified by punching the texture, shiny, strong or fragile - as the backdrop for ornamented utensils. Associated with luxury and glamor.

Provençal interior like tiny floral patterns, patterns larger flowers, especially roses, uniform surfaces, delicate, not too contrasting stripes. Shabby chic loves everything old, or at least it looks like. Devotees of such old odkurzonego chic appeal is certainly the wallpaper imitating old bricks or boards in vintage style. Will also include wallpaper, which after laying look how long ago the plastered wall. Perfectly find here floral and lace patterns in bright shades of pink like the winter, or blue.

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At the opposite extreme we have the Scandinavian style: with a cooler, cleaner background, bright, contrast. Here you will fit perfectly fashionable wallpaper in black and white patterns: stripes, polka dots, geometric patterns, or funny drawings. Well it will look like a wall adorned with a distinctive wallpaper with an intense shade of turquoise or green, if you will interact with additives.
In the modern style in recent years dominated by gray. Smooth, striped, geometric patterns or floral designs.

Can we recognize that here we have reached the broad sense of modern style? In such spaces wallpaper, more than a function of the background, into the role of ornaments, strong accent. Then usually we find it on one - two walls. It can be a contrast in itself, may contrast with the interior. Important, however, that in some way corresponded with him - preferably with additives: color, geometric motif... And just when the geometry question that this is the most common theme in a modern setting. Stripes, squares, diamonds and more sophisticated themes, but rarely - flowers.
What is the phenomenon of wallpaper? Maybe that's the fact that even in the gray diamonds can insulate the interior and make it more cozy.

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Author : Joanna Turakiewicz