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How to negotiate the price of housing developer

New housing development cost several hundred thousand. Prices depend on the location, the standard of finish and the local real estate prices. Anyway negotiate a discount of several percent gives savings of several thousand.
  • Prices of apartments the developer can negotiate

    In each new apartment building are "better" and "worse," and that's a good starting point for attempts to break the starting price for the house.

    Tadeusz Pawlowski

So let's at least try to negotiate with the developer or immediately look for properties that allow such negotiations. How to do it?

Disadvantages Finishing/Technical flat

Mandatory acceptance housing should use the services of a specialist, who, like a good detective will air all development botch, which very often completions flats missing. For such inspection, the buyer gets a double - may call upon the developer to remove them, or immediately request a reduction in the price of the apartment. The more serious objections that discount should be larger (but also need to factor the cost of any repairs such niedoróbek). Position the buyer in negotiations with the developer, if it is equipped with an analysis done by an expert of construction is really strong.

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an unfortunate location of investment

Developer before you build homes, is preceded by careful investment analysis. Sometimes, however, and that reality plays tricks and location, which was to look no further for some reason the customer does not respond and there are not many takers for already built homes. The longer stand empty, the greater the chance that the developer decides to descend from the price, if only to recover the frozen cash on the premises.

Apartments good and better

Almost every new building there are premises, which are sold at the "hole in the ground", as well as those who are waiting a long time for a buyer. Such 'unwanted' homes are usually located on the ground floor, near the block garbage the gate, located on the ground floor storey shops, on the top floors, they have a lot of slants or windows on the wall of the next building. These imperfections are for the buyer a good opportunity. If the property is purchased, for example, for investment purposes, under the later hire, view from the window is not important, but the developer does not need to know. In such situations, you just have to push the contractor to "descended" from the original price due to worse than other premises position.

parking space, underground garage, basement

It happens that the developer is not sensitive to attempts to reduce the price of the apartment. However, you can try to lower the price of the investment on what often comes in a package together with the apartment. That is even with parking basement of a building or a designated parking closed housing estate. These things sometimes cost tens of thousands of zlotys, which are profitable for the developer bonus. Especially designated outdoor parking spaces for him pure profit. However, you can demand a reduction in price for such a place, or in a package request next. In the future, additional space for the car in a gated community can be rented, which is usually not a problem. The situation is similar with basements - rarely are the same size, so you can try to negotiate access to a larger room, or additional cell tenant. Where the price reduction housing is not an option, you can negotiate, for example, additional equipment or individual interior finishing.

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should know that the developers know exactly that some customers come to them with its proposal price. Consumer awareness of the real estate market is growing and more and more people also when buying real estate is beginning to understand their rights and privileges. This in turn means that the developer at the stage of determining the price for the premises assumed that at least some will have to reduce them and wkalkulował in the amount imposed margin. Depending on the city margin developer ranges from a dozen to more than twenty percent, which means that the developer has the capacity to lower prices for their property.

habit of negotiations should develop in themselves, those who buy real estate on credit. Here you get a discount in the price of the apartment is at the same time lower credit and, consequently, lower interest on borrowed capital. You could say that the savings resulting from the negotiations will be counted if a double.

Author : Slawomir Bobbe